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Geospatial Intelligence and Maps: How are They Different?
What is the difference between a map and Geospatial Intelligence? There are many differences, but the biggest and most common difference is in how the two are analyzed.

A map is generally seen as a tool to help you understand the terrain, or help you get from one place to another. There are many different types of maps, from a globe to a road map. Some maps show what the terrain is like, while others simply show you where to go.

Geospatial Intelligence, however, takes maps a step further. With proper analysis of images, GeoInt can help tell you many things about the surrounding area that a regular map would not have available. Geospatial Intelligence is used primarily in the military, and is used for a variety of things. One of the most common things that GeoInt is used for is finding where enemy troops may be, and creating combat tactics.

With GeoInt, one of the intents is to try to figure out what is happening, or what will happen in the near future. A map, on the other hand, will simply show you what is. The connection of data, such as the people of an area, what is going on in the area, and the terrain itself is what truly makes up Geospatial Intelligence.

Because of all of the pieces that are needed for GeoInt, it takes a special type of person to make a great career out of it. Not only does a person need to be interested in geography, they also need to be able to pay close attention to detail. Having an analytical mind is also beneficial, as the whole point of Geospatial Intelligence is to put the pieces together.

Getting proper training is important, whether making maps or going into Geospatial Intelligence. Some of the training may be similar between the two, however, with GeoInt, a person is likely to also get training in areas such as critical thinking, and how to deal with the data that is given.

Though many people think that GeoInt and maps are essentially the same thing, they are not. Though they have many overlapping aspects, they are completely different disciplines. Knowing how to create a map is helpful when studying Geospatial Intelligence, however, the opposite is not necessarily true.

With the way technology has evolved, it has become somewhat easier for those interested in Geospatial Intelligence. Many maps and images that are used in the practice are much easier to come by than they once were. Making observations on these has become easier as well, since there are more ways to get different angles, images, and information.

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