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IT Staffing

Companies the world over are hunting for the best IT talent. Why? A strong IT team improves performance, reduces overall company downtime, and bolsters profits. However, finding, recognizing, and hiring the best IT staff for your company can be a challenge. Luckily, KnackTek specializes in IT Staffing - helping you find the ideal candidate in a time- and cost- efficient manner.

Our Niche

  • Technologies
  • Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Market
  • Greater Atlanta, North-East
  • Roles
  • Developers, DBA, BA, QA, PM and Admins

Here's how we provide top-notch service for an affordable cost.

1. We focus on relationships not transactions.

We care about building a long-term relationship with everyone we work with, including both clients and candidates. By taking extra steps to learn about your company, including thorough periodic visits to your site, we learn about your culture, environment, and values – allowing us to find a candidate who fits well within your company at every level.

2. Our model reduces the average time spent per hire.

Our rigorous technical screening process is conducted by certified Senior Architects, ensuring that every candidate we work with is a high-caliber performer. When we provide you with candidate information, we include a detailed report of the candidate's responses to technical questions that are applicable to your project. This leads to a significant reduction in time investment from your company's hiring manager, as he or she will have to evaluate only a small number of qualified submissions.

3. Our contract structure saves you money on IT contractor expenses.

Our aggressive rates and flexible hiring structure allows you to fill the position you need for a competitive rate, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

4. You can take advantage of our network of experts.

We specialize in application development and infrastructure, and can help you find top experts in Microsoft, ERP, CMS, open source, legacy, and CRM technologies. This includes developer, DBA, BA, QA, PM, and support/administrator positions. All of these roles, as well as a variety of other IT positions, can be filled on a contingency or permanent placement basis.

Most importantly, since our recruiters specialize in technology, we're able to recognize and retain the true IT experts. This established network of candidates allows us to find candidates for a variety of roles as well as move permanent placement IT staff into your company's existing backlog of mission-critical positions.

5. A sky-high success rate.

All of the factors above combine to optimize your chances for successful placement. Here's a quick look at our track record: Our success rate for permanent placement is 80%, while contingency placements have a 100% success rate.

Ready to find out how KnackTek can serve your company? Give us a call today at (470) 395-0210 for a free consultation with one of our staffing experts.

As always, we invite you to receive a free consultation from one of our experts to determine how KnackTek can best serve you. Simply call (470) 395-0210 or email