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What Education Is Needed for a Geospatial Intelligence Career?
For those interested in Geospatial Intelligence, the question of schooling is likely to come up. Exactly what type of schooling is needed for this career? The schooling needed varies, depending on the type of job you plan to get.

For example, those who are going into Geospatial Intelligence in the Air Force must first be employed by the Air Force. From there, they do training for Communications Applications Technology. It is suggested when going into this field that you have an interest or some skill in computer science, journalism and/or mathematics.

Penn State Online offers a certificate program in GeoInt. The Geospatial Intelligence certificate program application requires that you have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited school. Because of this, it is necessary to have already done other schooling.

Many people who are interested in this field get complimentary degrees. For example, getting a degree in geography can be beneficial to those who are interested in Geospatial Intelligence. Understanding how the earth is made up can help with analyzing the information that comes in for GeoInt.

A degree in engineering can be beneficial. In fact, for some of the civilian positions that are posted for Geospatial intelligence and engineering degree is listed as one of the preferred options. The attention to detail that is required for this degree is similar to the attention to detail needed in this career path.

Some schools offer degrees in Imagery Science, which can also be helpful when pursuing a career in GeoInt. Since most of the positions in this field are analyst positions, it is helpful to be able to understand the images that you are looking at an analyzing.

There is also a need for informal education. For example, knowing and understanding how maps are made can be crucial in Geospatial Intelligence. Being able to read a map quickly and easily is also important. Having the ability to pick details out of an image, and knowing what it means can be the difference between getting a job and not.

Though there are many ways that your education can help you in getting a job in Geospatial Intelligence, one of the biggest things to keep in mind with this field is that it is knowledge and understanding that are most important. Having a good eye for detail combined with a degree to get your foot in the door, can help you excel in your chosen field.

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