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What Is Geospacial Intelligence?
Have you heard of Geospatial Intelligence? Unfortunately, there is still no universally accepted definition of what GeoInt is. As it becomes a more popular phrase, however, certain meanings become more popular as well. So, what exactly is Geospatial Intelligence

The United States has defined Geopsatial Intelligence, in Code Title 10, §467. According to this code, especially when referring to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, means “the exploration and analysis of imagery and geospatial information to describe, assess, and visually depict physical features and geographically referenced activities on earth.”

So, when talking about Geospatial Intelligence, what is really being discussed is the knowledge of what is going on in our geography. Each of the parts of the code say this in slightly different ways. However, for those that have an interest in mapping or charting the earth, the interest lies in GeoInt.

Many scientists today are studying parts of Geospatial Intelligence. From those that study the microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum to those who use mapping data to figure out the geography of our world, Geospatial Intelligence has become an integral part of many scientific endeavors.

Currently, there is belief that thought there is a formal and legal definition of GeoInt in the United States, there is also a long way to go. Many believe that it should continue to be defined, and even include information and intelligence that go beyond what is currently seen as the normal. In fact, there is a push that Geospatial Intelligence includes an emphasis on the knowledge of this information, instead of just gathering the data.

Many countries today have Geospatial Intelligence divisions. Because of the growing trend of people interested in the field, there are many ways that a person can get involved in GeoInt. In fact, whether looking at this field for fun or for profit, there are many options. There are positions in government agencies, independent labs, or even just the opportunity to study Geospatial Intelligence in your free time.

Though the definition of GeoInt is still changing, it is believed that this is an important field of study. It has a broad range of opportunities, and many aspects of science, geography, and more that play into it. Though it can be a difficult field to get into, and for many people to even understand, it also plays a very important role in how technology develops, and how we perceive our world.

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