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Many companies simply don't take full advantage of their IT resources – and while management, training, or infrastructure concerns are often brought up as factors in this waste, the core problem is typically a lack of awareness of IT capabilities and shortcomings. Fortunately, the solution is simple: An unbiased evaluation of your IT systems from the experienced IT specialists at KnackTek.

There are several key areas where an IT assessment can help your company identify and rectify problems. Our assessments typically take one of the following forms:

  • Review of IT Capabilities: We evaluate your company's overall technical capabilities, reporting on any areas of weakness or resources that are not being taken full advantage of.
  • Architectural Assessment: We examine your company's overall IT architecture to ensure that there are no built-in pitfalls or problem areas.
  • Sourcing Strategy Review: We examine your workload assignment strategies and policies to determine if your company can improve efficiency or decrease cost by outsourcing inhouse projects or bringing in-house projects home.
  • Overall IT Alignment Review: We assess the role played by your IT department and infrastructure in completing company tasks, then make suggestions for improvements to the IT structure or expectations for IT.
  • Personalized Assessment: If you have specific benchmarks or questions related to your IT performance, we can create a comprehensive evaluation precisely tuned to your business expectations and needs.

Regardless of the exact evaluation type, we provide your company with an objective written assessment of the examined areas. While valuable as a one-time assessment, our written report is also an effective benchmark by which company changes, growth, or other attempts for improvement can be evaluated.

Whether you're implementing a new set of changes or simply trying to get a better handle on your current resources, we encourage IT assessment as your first step. After all, appropriate understanding and planning can often save you from costly mistakes or missteps down the line. To get started on your assessment, call us today at (470) 395-0210 or email


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