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Managed Services

To ensure maximum health in your server environments, it's important that your servers receive appropriate maintenance and support. However, for many companies (especially small to medium sized businesses), on-site server maintenance simply isn't affordable. KnackTek provides a managed services package that can be custom tailored to fit your support and maintenance needs.

Managed Service Types

Our managed services can be used to provide support and maintenance for SharePoint, Lync Servers, SQL Servers, and other infrastructure types. Here are some of the IT managed services we provide:

  • Monitoring. In addition to constant monitoring, we ensure that your systems are up-to-date, healthy, and secure.
  • Maintenance. We perform routine maintenance on the system, including the installation of security fixes and version updates.
  • Administration. Administrator configuration is customized, administrative support is provided, and routine tasks typically delegated to your system administrator are resolved by our response team.
  • Support. We implement a ticket management and response system that guarantees rapid resolution of any system issues.

A customized package including some or all of these elements can be built for your company. Additional services are also available.

Why Use Managed Services?

Some companies view maintenance and monitoring services as an avoidable expense. This misconception can be very costly. A system that isn't appropriately maintained, secured, and monitored can become vulnerable and unreliable. Even a small amount of system downtime can have astounding costs.

Managed services for your IT needs ensure that your system will run optimally every day of the year, and the cost is substantially less than an on-site support team. Our clients pays as little as half the cost for managed services as they would for dedicated on-site support staff.

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